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About Us

Reduce Carbon Emissions. Now.

Thermagine designs, manufactures and installs heat capture, storage and re-use systems for industrial customers around the world. Our next-generation systems provide industrial customers the ability to reduce their fuel consumption in a typical manufacturing setting by up to 50%*, and having a footprint up to 1/10th the size of an equivalent conventional heat storage system in certain cases. Our solutions are designed to serve industrial customers' green sustainability strategies to reduce fuel and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Thermagine's goal is to commercialize groundbreaking thermal technologies that could dramatically reduce the production of greenhouse gases in industry. Our mission is to make cost-effective, highly-efficient systems that allow industrial customers to significantly improve their waste heat utilization inside manufacturing plants, paving the way for the full-scale exploitation of renewable energies in the industrial sector.

Thermagine comprises a team of international experts in heat storage, manufacturing, product development and business in Europe, the Middle East and Asia who joined have joined forces to make a definitive contribution in the reductions of GHGs.

Thermagine's heat storage systems can be used in:

  • Industrial Heat Applications: Thermagine offers solutions for a variety of industries, such as petrochemical refining, bulk chemical production, paper manufacturing, building materials manufacturing, as well as the food and beverage industry, where waste heat exists in the range of 100C - 500C (212F - 932F).
  • Solar Thermal Applications: Thermagine can provide isothermal, compact buffer storage for solar thermal systems in the range of 100C - 300C (212F - 572F) for solar thermal systems utilizing either thermal oil or steam as heat transfer fluids (HTFs).

*savings accrued in actual implementations will vary from site-to-site.

Reduce Carbon Emissions